Ergonomics deals with the interaction between humans and other elements of a system (tools, equipment, products, tasks, organizations, environment…).

Its use is to improve productivity while maintaining a level of comfort and respecting the safety rules. The various services offered by our company are the following.


Analysis of the specific characteristics of one or more workstations to generate solutions that meet the characteristics of one or many users.
  • Adaptation of workstations.
  • Optimization of the circulation in a house.
  • Analysis of the requirement of a workstation.
Creation or development of methods, objects or workstations from objective or from comparable organization or object data.
  • Designing a workstation.
  • Comparaison d’un outil ergonomique avec les caractéristiques des utilisateurs.
Practice that helps the worker to assume their role in the workplace.
  • Compatibility capacity of a worker with job requirements.
  • Adaptation procedures to promote sustainable and safe work
Prevention workshops with one or more workers focusing on the prevention principle for treating musculoskeletal disorders in the context of work.
Over the years, the consultants have been asked to act as an expert witness and produce reports used as evidence in litigation.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of mental health care is to increase the functionality and support customers in a gradual reintegration process of daily living activities. The occupational therapist gives the client the tools to manage the problems, according to an active approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exposure.